Sorry I haven’t kept up with the site…

Kids and work keep me really busy these days I don’t have too much time to update the site.  I would love to keep up with it better.  If there is anybody living in the ville now who would like to contribute photos/info/stories/BS to the blog please comment and let me know.  I would love to have other contributors.

I am especially interested in the History of Anjung-ri (and Cp. Humphreys) and how it has developed over the years.




No updates for a long time

I’ve been swamped at work for a while now and haven’t had the time to update anything here, which is too bad.  Not that too many people were checking this place out anyways, but it was kind of a fun thing to do.  With any luck work will have travel to korea some time next year, so maybe I’ll get to visit a few old haunts.  We’ll see.


Again, if anybody has some old photos or memories or whatever of the ville just let me know or leave a comment or something. 



I love these alleys…

The crooked alleys were one of my favorite things about Anjung-ri.  This photo is a perfect example.


Best name for an art shop.  Ever.

A map of the ville from 2001

Here is a humble little map of the ville circa 2001.  Since webshots is a shitty website I can’t direct link a nice full size photo.  I created an account so I could download it and guess what?  You have to have their special software to view the photos.  They don’t even download as jpegs.  Well fuck that.  There has got to be some way to get around this. 

OK, nevermind, I got it figure out.  Here is a nice bigger version:

OK, I hope that works.  Webshots loads really slow at work, but works fine at home (which is where I am now).  So I suppose if I can’t see it tomorrow at work then = FAIL.

A description of the bars in 1976-77

THIS page has a description of the bars in the ville in 1976-1977.  Includes the Maxim, Duffy’s, Top Hat, 7 Club, and some bars that aren’t there anymore.

Links on the side to stuff like 1970s GI Slang, some camp humphreys stuff, and a whole lot of pictures from the ville.

Some guy’s blog…

HERE is some guy’s blog where he remenisces about Korea 25 years ago.  I have really had time yet to read much of it, but I figured I would link here so I don’t forget about it.

What year was 25 years ago anyways?  1983 I think.